Conference & Workshop Venue 

As centre for connecting citizens around intellectual discussions, GhLA maintains a conference facility in all ten regions of Ghana. Self-developed events are hosted here and patronised by the local community. Institutions wishing to rent our space can also book to use our facility. Do send us an email info(a) to request a booking

Technology Training 

Across 30 branches in Ghana, GhLA offer opportunity for both school children and adult to learn various aspect of the use of technological devices to solve everyday problems. This program forms the heart of our work to equip Ghanaians with modern skills in retrieving information, as well, exploit tools of technology to help advance their wellbeing.

Individual Book Lending

 Individuals, both children and adult can apply for membership and have access to our branches around the country, borrow book of choice.


Family Book Lending

You can sign up as Family member and borrow books up to 25 copies and return in 21 days. This service is offered in all ten regions of Ghana.


School Book Lending 

Your school lack library services? Or limited stock? Join our School Book Lending program and borrow a box of books to be used by your school for the benefit of Ghanaian children.


Mobile Library (Library on Wheels) 

We offer mobile library services to remote communities across the country. Every region in Ghana have one Library on Wheels service.


Corporate Institutional Book Lending 

GhLA understands the need of corporate Ghana to be in tuned with current publications. Our Corporate Book Lending is targeted at all levels of business entities, wishing to build a reading and knowledgeable workforce. By signing up for Corporate Book Lending, your institution can visit our regional branches and make selection of books that could be helpful for your team.


Reference Support Services 

Are you undertaking research and required some specific materials? Our reference section staff are available to help you. Contact any of our Regional Libraries.


Printing, Scanning and Photocopying

Printing, Scanning, Photocopying are services provide at most libraries in major cities. Contact your nearest library for more information.


Issuance of ISBN, ISMN, ISNN


Legal Deposit 

Under Book and Newspaper Registration Act 1961, materials published in Ghana are required to deposit copies with the Ghana Library Authority. The deposited materials are used in building up the Ghana National Bibliography.



We undertake research on behalf of Government, Business and varied agencies. To sign up for any of our research service, do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Library Consultancy (Schools, MDAs, Corporations) 

Are you desiring to construct or set up a library section within your institution? Sign up for our library consulting service and receive professional input in the development, design, management and stocking of your library.


Co-Working Space 

You need a space to work? Our co-working space provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to sit in the comfort of like-minded people to develop their business. Our space provides a trusted location to enable your business find it balance within the ecosystem before moving out.

List of Libraries